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Salt Lake City Pool Services

The amount of work that you put into your swimming pool will determine whether or not your pool is a place where people love to be or an eyesore that you can’t fathom to put a toe in. Cambria Property Management offers swimming pool repair, maintenance, and replastering service in the Salt Lake City and Murray area, making sure that your pool is in a clean and safe condition each and every year. We are members of the National Plasterer’s Council and the Utah Apartment Association. This allows us to stay on the cutting edge of pool service and perform the highest-quality work for our clients.

Swimming Pool Plastering, Repairs & Tiling

Whether it’s in a residential or commercial setting, a beautiful and functional swimming pool begins with regular repairs. Regular swimming pool repairs should be performed to make sure that every aspect of your pool is performing its required functions.

Pool repairs may be needed for a number of different reasons, and most people don’t know the first place to start to find where the problems reside. Give Cambria a call and let us find exactly where your issues are, even if it means we have to get a little wet. We can then provide high-quality pool repairs in Utah to make sure that all of your regular swimmers can get back in the pool as soon as possible.

Our pool services include:

  • Repairs, remodel, and patch plaster
  • Tile, brick, and coping repair
  • Second Drain installation for safety compliance
  • Pool maintenance
  • Pool replastering

Cambria is the best place to call in Salt Lake City if you are in need of these services. Our pool crews are quality workers that are reliable, well-trained and dedicated to quality workmanship.

Pool Maintenance

Regular pool maintenance can’t simply be something that you get around to when you have time, or when it is an absolute mess. It can ensure that your pool is a clean and beautiful place for many years to come. Cambria Property Management is your resource for professional pool maintenance in the Salt Lake City and Murray, UT, areas. Our technicians can help you maintain pools of any size.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Cleaning filters
  • Testing water quality
  • Winterizing/summerizing pools
  • Maintaining proper water quality
  • Inspecting pool for any issues

Salt Lake City Pool Replastering

Our family provided pool plastering service in the Southern California area for almost 40 years before we relocated to Utah to continue our family business. We earned a reputation for reliability and quality work, which has continued with the work we provide in Salt Lake City and Murray. This experience allows us to reach the very highest standards for every pool plastering project that we undertake. We will repair tile, brick, coping, and plaster to make sure that your pool is safe and secure.

Trust the team at Cambria to take care of your swimming pool maintenance, pool replastering, pool repair, or any other pool services that you may need. We are based in Murray, Utah and assist swimming pool owners throughout the greater Salt Lake City area.

We are members of the National Plasterers Council and the Utah Apartment Association. Our crews are quality workers that are reliable, well trained and dedicated to quality workmanship.