Frequently Asked Questions

For Owners:

Q: What determines the rent for my property?
A: Ultimately the rental market. We use our marketing skills, analysis, and judgment to optimize rents in accordance with your goals.

Q: How are the security deposits handled?
A: Security deposits are deposited into the trust account. They remain in the trust account until the tenant vacates the property. By Utah State law, any security deposit money due the tenant must be refunded within thirty days.

Q: How are tenants selected?
A: We carefully screen each prospective tenant application and verify rental history, employment, and obtain a report which includes credit, evictions and criminal history.

Q: Who pays for maintenance and repairs to my property?
A: The owner pays for maintenance and repairs unless the tenant has agreed to assume responsibility or the tenant has caused the damage.

Q: What do you charge for management fees?
A: We generally charge 8.5%, but feel free to contact us for a free estimate!

Q: Who handles the maintenance for Cambria?
A: We handle most of our maintenance in-house. We have qualified maintenance workers with years of experience. This has also proven to be the most cost-effective option for our owners.

Q: What happens if there is a maintenance emergency after hours?
A: We have an in-house, 24/7 emergency line to handle all after hour emergencies.

Q: What kinds of properties do you manage?
A: We manage a wide range of residential properties, from Single Family Homes to multi-family apartment complexes!

Q: Do you manage properties outside Salt Lake County?
A: Yes! We manage properties in Salt Lake County, Utah County, Davis County and Weber County!

For Tenants:

Q: Do you accept Section 8 Housing?
A: Yes, we do!

Q: What are the qualifications to rent one of your properties?
A: See “Rental Application” tab.

Q: Will you work with me if I don’t meet rental requirements?
A: We can be flexible in some of the requirements, mostly with regards to the credit. We may work with you depending on your circumstances. We may charge a higher security deposit when potential tenants don’t meet a rental requirement.

Q: Do you speak Spanish?
A: Yes, we do have staff on hand that speaks Spanish.

Q: How long is a lease at one of your rental properties?
A: We generally do six or twelve month leases, depending on the desire of the owner.

Q: What properties do you have currently available?
A: Check out our “Rentals Available” tab at the top of this page for the most up-to-date information!

Q: When is the rent due?
A: Rent is due before 5:00 pm on the third of the month unless otherwise stated on your lease.

Q: How can I pay my rent?
A: You can pay with credit card, personal check, cashier’s check or money order. You can mail it to us, pay over the phone, pay online, or bring it into our office! (Leave it in the drop box if our office is closed!)